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    The Scoop Cafe'.... offers the very best ice cream experience to be found ANYWHERE!  Because of it's selection (54 Flavors!), and the quality of the ice cream.  Along with the fact that they have excellent, coffee, cappuccino, espresso, Latte' and our Famous "Ice Coffee ". Not to mention the sandwiches and desserts. Our coffee beans are carefully chosen by a Master Roaster; working with us on selecting beans from around the world and roasting them daily. This let's us deliver a fresh product with each and every cup served at The Scoop Cafe'. 
    So come on in and, sit back, enjoy an ice cream, a galeto, or soft serve. Remember we have 54 flavors to choose from.  How about a nice hot or cold drink. Maybe a dessert and just relax.  Many friendships, have developed already at The Scoop Cafe'. 
    We also take pride in being a good neighbor and a local gathering place for, Family, Fun and Friendship. We are dedicated to maintaining this feeling.  
Because it is our goal to help customers have an amazing and enjoyable experience with each and every visit. This is what we strive for every day. When we don’t do it, we promise we will learn from it and we become even better for it.
  The Scoop Cafe' Ice Cream, Coffee much more!!!

The #1 place for,
 GOOD OLD FASHION Ice Cream, Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks & Deserts. 

Choose from "54" different Flavors of Hard Ice Cream,
Soft Serve and, Gelato!

        Where else can you find that?

Free Wireless Internet!

Friday Is Hang-Out Night 

Saturday Night Music from
 8:30 to 10:30

Ice Cream, Coffee and... So Much More!!!

Open from: 10am to 10pm Monday through Sunday 

But if you drive by and, the LIGHTS ARE ON!....  We're STILL OPEN!!!......  SO COME ON IN!!!

The Scoop Cafe'   
810 East Main Street, Stamford, Ct. 06902

(203) 32-SCOOP 


our web site is,  "You're on it, so you already know it" 

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